A high-profile product launch that covers new ground

Last week, we ran our first high-profile influencer event for SodaStream – one of our main consumer-facing clients. The wellness event celebrated the launch of the brand’s latest reusable bottle to combat single-use plastic; My Only Bottle.

Former Love Island contestant and fitness instructor Gabby Allen was amongst the attendees, while blogger Tessa Kelly, Rhiannon Lambert of Rhitrition – London’s Leading Private Nutrition Clinic – and Made in Chelsea’s Melissa Tattam and Harry Baron also made appearances.

National lifestyle and women’s health publications were also invited to the event’s west London venue, Sunbeam Studios, to see SodaStream’s latest product and find out more about the brand’s environmental initiative.

Taking place on the hottest day of the year so far, the event was well-attended, with over forty wellbeing and lifestyle influencers – with a combined social reach of 2 million followers – turning up on the evening. With bubbles, balloons and SodaStream mocktails, the evening was well recieved – especially the yoga class led by Annie Clarke, a leading author, wellbeing ambassador and founder of Mind Body Bowl.

The launch of My Only Bottle is SodaStream’s latest initiative to boost its environmental credentials, with each bottle kit containing the brand’s first UV resistant, dishwasher-friendly reusable bottle, a jute bag and metal straw. On average, a SodaStream machine can save UK households up to 1,282 plastic bottles per year – and the My Only Bottle kit is seen as an extension of this potential environmental saving.

Organising a consumer event of this scale and engaging with lifestyle and wellness influencers is fairly new ground for JBP – and demonstrates both the evolving nature of our business and the wide skillset of our team. The evening was a fantastic opportunity for us to further develop relationships with influencers and to create new and exciting social media content for our client and their new product.

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