Ain’t no Stopping us Securing Press Coverage for Oak Tree Mobility

There wasn’t anything stopping us securing national and regional press coverage for our client, Oak Tree Mobility, with our latest PR campaign designed to support the launch of their new TV ad which epitomises the can-do attitude of today’s modern grandparent.

Working with OnePoll, our national study of 2,000 grandparents provided fresh insight into the lives of the older generation. Chris Lawrance, JBP’s managing director, said:

“Our survey set out to highlight that yesteryear stereotypical images of grandparents are a thing of the past.

“We worked with grandparents up and down the country to promote positive stories about how the older generation is viewed. This included 84-year-old Jack Warner, the main star in Oak Tree’s new ad, who typifies the adage that age is just a number.

“The findings, published to coincide with the launch of Oak Tree’s new TV ad, found that grandparents today want to make much more of their lives as they grow older – they presented an inspirational picture of what the older generation stand for today, that they’re living their lives just as much as they did in their younger years.”

The resulting press story generated significant national coverage in titles including LADbible, Daily Star, Express, Independent, Metro, Mirror and The Sun:

The study found more than half of grandparents believe they don’t follow any ‘stereotypes’, with 45 per cent claiming they have never felt as carefree as they do now. The research also found 60 per cent of grandparents feel they are actively doing a good job of changing people’s perceptions of what ‘old’ people are like. Four in 10 grandparents don’t believe their grandkids see them as ‘old’ while three quarters don’t think they are anything like their own grandparents were at the same age.Oak Tree Mobility’s media campaign comprises a TV ad, as well as press, print, direct mail and new digital and social media adverts.

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