Do Global PR Networks Work?

Global PR networks are a bit like business development agencies – promise a lot and they don’t deliver but part of the fault lies with the agency for not committing investment to it. That’s certainly been our experience in the past. We’ve tried a number over the years and we’d give it a go only to be left disappointed. That was until we came across Worldcom Group which has turned out to be a breath of fresh air and we have now been a member of the international network for best part of a decade during which time our relationships within the network and return on investment has gone from strength to strength.

Key to this success has been a number of driving factors:

Have a plan. Know what you want to achieve  and be realistic as you’ve still got your day job to consider. Understand your network, get to know those that work in similar markets or have the same areas of expertise. These partners will potentially represent a rich source of business opportunities and knowledge.

Get involved. In the past we were guilty of being too passive and not having a game plan. And in truth it’s probably how we started when we first became a member of Worldcom. The more involved you become the more noticed you will get and the more partners want to do business with you.

When your partners open up a new business opportunity for you, treat them like a client. Remember that your reputation on the client account that they’ve just secured for you is there reputation. Do a great job, and like clients they will keep giving you work as you have proved to be a trusted partner.

Give back, don’t just take. This approach can include presenting business opportunities for your network partners which we’ve done on a number of occasions, sharing your experiences when you get to meet up, providing appropriate credentials when partners are pitching for business in sectors that you have a track record in, and always highlighting the capability of the network in bids where there is a global dimension.

Don’t just see the network as a global one. Work in collaboration with partners who have shared interests. We’re currently working with a number of European partners  to establish a logistics group as collectively we have an extensive track record in this sector and an attractive proposition for pan-European supply chain businesses.

So the moral of the story when it comes to benefiting from joining a global PR network is you only get out what you put in. #WorldcomStrong

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