If you can’t truly trust your staff to work from home, do you deserve them?

Social media is awash with comments and opinions about the views of Andrew Monk the chief executive in the city of London who clearly isn’t an advocate of working from home.

In a BBC Online interview, he is quoted as saying that people abuse it (working from home) and are less productive, at least in financial services.

His reported view was that those asking for flexible working really wanted to work part-time but on a full-time salary.

Whilst recognising that every one of us will be approaching the future of work in different ways as we continue to come out of Covid 19 and beyond, to question the productivity of your staff is questioning your faith in them.

It’s not about where you work, but how you work.

Our experience at JBP – and I am sure shared by all my contacts – is that our team have been phenomenal during the last 18 months, pulling together, working in a highly pressurised situation due to the uncertainty surrounding all of us, and being more productive than ever.

We use the JBP acronym to describe our people as Just Brilliant People, and each and every one of them has been beyond brilliant, rising to the challenge of coronavirus and the way it has changed our lives including our work. We are all in the same boat adapting to the new norm and will continue to adapt as we share experiences and best practices in terms of creating the new post-Covid-19 working environment. But one thing is for sure, our total belief and trust in staff will never waiver. That’s why our approach will be for our people to take ownership and responsibility regardless of where they’re working from. It’s not about where you work, but how you work.

Chris Lawrance Managing Director

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