Enriching & fulfilling, in every sense

Having little idea what to expect and having been awake for 3 hours due to my nervousness, I remember a distinct feeling of apprehension as the lift rumbled its way up to the 16th floor to JBP’s offices. What had started as a speculative email hoping for a coffee with someone in the industry and nudge in the right direction, had suddenly become a two-month internship with a leading Bristol PR agency.

I had little idea of what to expect; the phrase ‘Public Relations’ bears little meaning to someone whose previous jobs have included exam invigilating and event stewarding.

JBP is a company full of diversity, talent, but most importantly, friendship. I was made to feel valued from the minute I walked in – simple things like having my own fixed desk and initial responsibilities made me feel like I was an asset, rather than a hindrance. The office itself is conducive to a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. There are no barriers, both physical or psychological, and therefore by lunchtime on my first day I had spoken to everyone and was encouraged to take part in any way I could. The atmosphere in the office is one of hard-work, dedication, and an immense sense of togetherness. Everyone in the office is fighting for the same cause, there is no sense of one-upmanship, and all are eager to help one and other.

The work itself was fun and varied. This internship was enriching and fulfilling in every sense. I seldom found myself without anything to do; I never found myself bored. I worked on a huge range of accounts – from SodaStream to First Bus, Palletways to PyroCore. Each account required a different approach and a different set of skills. I was given immediate autonomy to approach problems in a way that I saw best, rather than following a script or repeating someone else’s suggestion. This enabled me to learn quickly and even though I initially made mistakes, I was never derided, and I was always encouraged. Talking to journalists, pitching ideas and analysing data were all things that I was regularly tasked to do. The varied nature of each account and the challenges that I had to overcome were both stimulating and rewarding.

Even though my suggestion of the Archers and Radio 4 was comprehensively rejected daily, I will never forget how kind and welcoming I have been made to feel. That will be my overriding memory of my time here. I have made great friends and learned so much from everyone in the team – and I wish everyone at JBP the best of luck.

This blog post has been written by Charlie Souster.

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