General Election 2019: A Summary

Following months of uncertainty, it seems a new lease of life has been injected into a paralysed Parliament.

Months ago, a Conservative majority was an inconceivable prospect, where the political disfigurement and ever widening divide in Westminster mirrored the country.

To many, Boris Johnson was the last bet. An outspoken, career driven journalist-turned politician, who only ever wanted to be Prime Minister. He was regarded as a figure of division, incapable of uniting the country.

But now a wave of Conservative blue extends from the South West, right up to the most northern towns and cities of England; with Scotland as the only exception.

Jeremy Corbyn found opposition from friend and foe and never recovered from some of his most difficult battles. As Johnson connected with the electorate with engaging messaging, Corbyn was overcome with deafening concern.

This electoral defeat, damning of the Corbyn project, leaves Labour in darkness and many looking to become the new leader. At this point, the party has two paths in front of both parliamentary and party members. One will return the party to the centre left, the other remaining resolute in socialism.

The country looks at an overhauled Parliament and an opposition in disarray. JBP have taken a step back to reflect on a week full of shock and dismay.

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