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The success of trade associations is very much based on raising the profile of their industries and representing the interests of their members.

But are you getting traction with government, parliamentarians and other influential stakeholders on the critical issues affecting the industry you represent? Are you facilitating engagement between members so they maximise the benefits of the community that you are hosting? Is the way you go about communications and stakeholder engagement a bit tired looking and lacking real purpose? And ultimately are you adding value to your members through your stakeholder communications and marketing approach so they keep re-subscribing every year and new organisations are knocking on the door to join?

These are some of the common questions that industry associations have flagged with us.

We’ve been providing public relations, public affairs, marketing and secretariat support for business membership bodies for the past 35 years covering the newspaper, food, engineering, vaping, heathcare and turnaround industries. We have developed and rolled out major national and international campaigns, facilitated All Party Parliamentary Groups, devised and organised major events, created media channels and established first port of call media status for industry associations to maximise their value to their members so they keep coming back and growing.

If you want specialist communications support that will support your membership drives and enrich your offer to current members, then we’d be delighted to speak to you about what we do, how we do it and the success that we’ve achieved for other industry associations.

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Discover more about our track record supporting and representing industry associations as well as our integrated communications and engagement service provision. This includes the key services that we have provided membership-based trade bodies covering media relations, interactive digital communications, public affairs, event management, reputation management, campaign development and execution and marketing.

"Membership has grown exponentially since the UKVIA was founded and is now the largest sector body of its kind in the UK."

“JBP has been instrumental in putting vaping on the national map through providing an integrated stakeholder communications and secretariat service for the UKVIA. This has included establishing the Association as the voice of the industry in the national media and in political circles; launching a major nationwide educational campaign aimed at smokers and establishing the biggest business-to-business event in the sector. Membership has grown exponentially since the UKVIA was founded and is now the largest sector body of its kind in the UK.”

John Dunne

Director, UK Vaping Industry Association

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