JBP helps UK vaping industry hit back at scare stories with national advertising campaign and PR blitz

JBP is behind the first national advertising campaign run on behalf of the whole UK vaping sector.

The full-page adverts hit back at inaccurate claims that vaping has caused the deaths of a number of people in the USA and continuing misinformation about vape products.

The “Facts not Fiction” adverts mark the beginning of an integrated marketing communications programme called #vapingmatters. The campaign was launched with national media coverage on the BBC’s flagship Breakfast news progamme and has been developed by JBP to reassure vapers and to give confidence to smokers looking to quit their habits through vaping.

Paul House, Commercial Director at JBP, said: “There are 3.6m vapers in the UK who have successfully switched from smoking to vaping and another 7 million smokers. Public Health England has repeatedly stated that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking and yet despite all this vaping is subjected to sensationalist, scaremongering and inaccurate claims.

“The campaign that we’ve devised on behalf of the UK Vaping Industry Association, is designed to put the record straight and just provide the facts. We want to show how vaping has changed the lives of millions of former smokers turned vapers and open up the industry so that consumers can see for themselves the high standards across the highly regulated UK sector.”

The campaign launched on 11th October 2019 with full page advertisments in the i and Metro newspapers, with an advertisement in Holyrood magazine and broadcast interviews with UK Vaping Industry Association spokespeople also taking place.

The campaign will continue for the next six months, and culminate VApril, the UKVIA’s annual consumer facing awareness month and will be supported by a significant media, political and public engagement programme.

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