JBP launches a new communications operation to support climate action and net-zero ambitions

JBP, a national strategic communications business with bases in Bristol and Westminster, has launched a new service dedicated to mobilising, generating and promoting positive action amongst organisations and communities to address climate change.

JBP launches Climate Communications

Climate Communications, which will be headed up by JBP’s managing director Chris Lawrance, will provide strategic and tactical communications support to increase understanding and awareness of climate change; drive positive behavioural change and action amongst the general public and employers; attract investors to fund climate-friendly initiatives and infrastructure; influence central and regional government decision making to support carbon-free developments, and support planning applications for clean energy developments.

Climate Communications Logo

JBP’s new subsidiary will focus on a number of primary target market opportunities covering climate action programmes being rolled out by local authorities, the delivery of low carbon and smart energy developments, the launch of innovative green goods, services and technologies and the development of sustainable housing, infrastructure and transportation solutions.

Lawrance says: “The low carbon economy, worth some £200bn in the UK alone, presents significant opportunities for our industry as communications will have a vital role to play in getting individuals, communities, organisations, infrastructure developers, technology pioneers, the investment community, housebuilders and government to maximise their contributions to calling time on climate change.

“We’ve operated in the green sector for a number of years but due to the size of the market opportunity, we wanted to invest in a dedicated and specialist operation.

“This sector is already proving to be a major fillip for us and recently we have secured business with Councils to support their climate action programmes, a major renewable energy developer,  a leading sustainable housebuilder and an international pioneer in new clean technology that will support the net-zero ambitions of central and local government as well as industry. We’re also seeing significant interest in the sustainable housing and transportation marketplace and from those launching green products and services.

He added: “Our new venture has been in the planning for some time but we felt it was ideal timing now to launch it and grow our share in the green market in the wake of COP26.  With local authorities setting in motion plans and developments in response to the climate emergencies they have called in their respective territories; the transition in the energy landscape from fossil fuels to low carbon, renewable and smart energy alternatives; and with corporations increasingly embracing  the United Nations’ Race to Net Zero challenge, there is a big requirement for external and internal communications and stakeholder engagement to make things happen.”

Next month Lawrance will be speaking at an international conference on communications to support a net-zero world.

Chris Lawrance Managing Director

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