JBP unlocks major national coverage for the Master Locksmiths Association

JBP has undertaken a highly successful consumer communications campaign for the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) to raise awareness of the number of rogue locksmiths operating in the marketplace and charging customers more than six times the going rate.

Working closely with the MLA, JBP devised a research-led initiative to establish data and examples of customers that had been hoodwinked by so-called locksmiths. The challenge for the industry is that it isn’t regulated so anyone can set up in the profession, making it easy for unqualified individuals to trade as one.

A study was conducted amongst the MLA’s membership to ascertain the number of times they’re being called out after customers have been let down by those posing as professionals. Similarly, the MLA included details regarding calls it had received from customers reporting their experiences of poor service and extortionate invoices. This was complemented by a customer reliving their nightmare experience having been charged more than £1,000 for a job which in reality should’ve cost between £200-300.

The resulting press story with the headline grabbing title: Research Reveals Surge in Rogue Locksmiths – Stark Warning to Homeowners as Trade Body Predicts Increase as Pandemic Grips Nation generated significant national, regional newsprint and broadcast coverage. Stories appeared in the MirrorDaily Expressthisismoney.co.uk – the Daily Mail’s online money channel – and a ripped-off consumer told their story on You & Yours – Radio 4’s consumer affairs programme. 

The story was also picked up by a wide range of regional media including the Southern Daily Echo and Ipswich Star, plus titles in Bristol, Cambridgeshire, Cornwall, Devon, Leicestershire, Plymouth, Stoke-on-Trent and Surrey. 

The MLA witnessed an increase in social media engagement with a record number of Facebook shares plus Google Trends identified a spike with the ‘locksmith’ search term.  

View our coverage here: https://share.coveragebook.com/b/efb9d2c85b3ced0e

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