Labour wipes slate clean and begins new era

The headlines:

  • Sir Keir Starmer won with 56.2% on the 1st round of voting.
  • Rebecca Long Bailey came second on 27.6% and Lisa Nandy third on 16.2%.
  • Lisa Nandy received more votes amongst Affiliate and Registered members to Rebecca Long Bailey.
  • Angela Rayner won the Deputy Leader race with 52.6% on the 3rd round of voting. Dr Rosena Allin-Khan came second (26.1%) and Richard Burgon third (21.3%).
  • Dr Allin-Khan was the last to make it onto the Deputy Leader’s ballot, making an impressive leap to come runner-up.
  • Over 490,000 votes were cast by Party members and almost all Registered Supporters voted: 95.5% (13,006).
  • Keir Starmer appointed his Campaign Manager, Morgan McSweeny to Chief of Staff
  • He appointed Anneliese Dodds the first female Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and Bridget Phillipson the first female Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury.
  • Leadership rival Lisa Nandy was appointed Shadow Foreign Secretary. Rebecca Long Bailey Shadow Secretary of State for Education and Emily Thronberry as Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade.

Whatever your personal views of Jeremy Corbyn, he changed the way the UK does politics. He harnessed the power of a movement; brought personality politics to the forefront; and mobilised social media, frog-leaping conventional media to reach a wider and younger audience.

The task for Mr Corbyn’s successor is monumental, exacerbated by COVID_19, labelled the country’s biggest challenge since the Second World War.

The winner must now rebuild the Labour Party, whilst simultaneously cooperating with the opposition to defeat a common but unseen enemy – compromise and collaboration are the top priorities.

The alleged inspiration for Bridget Jones Diary’s Mark Darcy, Sir Keir Starmer was the outright favourite. He is joined by Angela Rayner as the party’s Chair and Deputy Leader.

Please see an overview of all current positions held in Government and the Shadow Cabinet here and profiles of all new Shadow Cabinet members here.

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