Creative Studio

Looking good

Looking to create your next big impression? JBP offer a complete design services from concept through to development & execution. Our strategic approach to creative helps align to your brand messaging and deliver memorable communications. Our team curate ideas in brand strategy, brand management, experiences, events and print & digital media.

Creative solutions for communication


This stretches past creating a logo, we can help develop complete graphic systems and deliver visuals that showcase your business’ personality.

Graphic Design

Working within existing guidelines, or if you need to establish a new creative approach then we can create graphics that reflect your brand’s personality.

Digital Design

We love to play in digital and our disciplines include UX Design, website design, graphics for social media and even video graphics and animation.

Photo & Video

Sometimes a story is better experienced when the content can be brought to life. Planning content and building video into a communication plan can really enhance the impact on your audience.


Designing the annual campaign's pop-up event

Brand management

Having worked hard to build your brand, it’s always difficult to make changes that could potentially harm or alter customer perception. Whether you’re introducing new products and services or just taking a new approach with the identity you have, we take time to understand where you’ve been and where your brand is going.

With this knowledge in hand, we can work to help engage stakeholders, communicate with customers and deliver creative that can be celebrated, enjoyed and experienced with the intention in which it was meant.

Innovation through virtual events

Adaptability is a large element of any business and hosting events virtually has become essential to delivering your message to the masses.

We can help you host an online event, produce video and graphics to compliment and even use engagement tools to run polls, host a Q&A or just connect with your audience through video.

Broadcasting this to audiences globally by streaming your event on social media, and maximise the engagement potential, with real time feedback.

Feel like getting creative?

Our design team can’t wait to hear what you have planned for your next campaign