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Making a difference

Many of our clients are trying to influence the policy making process, engage government directly, or champion a cause with politicians. With our London office based in the heart of Westminster we are perfectly placed. PR Week also highlighted us as a top 10 public affairs agency, and our award-winning public affairs team prides itself on constantly innovating and tailoring engagement for our clients, both at a local and a national level.

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A network across the political landscape

We’re constantly growing our political network, and by nurturing the many sector specialists we have on hand across the business. It means you get people who understand your world, the industry you are targeting and the wider political and business environment in which you operate.

Most importantly, we get results. Our work has not only supported clients with their corporate reputation in government, but also actively changed policy and the law in a number of sectors.

“The UK is a world leader in environmental and automotive policy, and a key market for Enterprise. As one of the most significant buyers of vehicles, as well as the largest single seller of second-hand cars, in the UK we have a key role in the nation’s supply chain. Given the policy challenges the country faces with Brexit, and Enterprise’s own ambitious environmental policy objectives, it is vitally important we are directly engaged in the debate and plugged into the heart of government. JBP will be supporting us at a crucial time, and as an agency I have known for many years I trust that their advice and intelligence will be invaluable in the coming years ahead.”

James Lancaster

Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Enterprise

Parliamentary affairs

As close neighbours to Parliament, it’s practically our second home.

Having identified key stakeholders for our clients to engage, we are there to ensure they get the outcomes they are driving for. This includes one-to-one engagements with parliamentarians or officials in Whitehall, through to major summits on the Parliamentary Estate itself.

We understand the workings of Westminster intimately. For example we support several high-profile All-Party Parliamentary Groups, including those on Engineering, Vaping, and Digital Currencies. At the heart of what we do is connecting our clients with policy-makers and influencers to support their contributions to the policy debate. With expert legislative drafters, we can support this in a number of ways from parliamentary questions, select committee inquiry submissions, or responses to government consultations.

Yet our work is by no means restricted to Westminster. Our country’s policy processes do not simply take place inside the M25. With offices across England and Wales, and experience in Scotland and Northern Ireland, we have regional expertise – with the increasing role of metro mayors and regional devolution this is more important than ever.

Political consultancy

We advise and devise policy positions, objectives and strategies for our clients by carefully assessing their shorter and long-term needs. Through monitoring the shifting policy and sector context we identify the political doors to open and policy levers to pull. In short, our consultants have their fingers on the pulse and eyes on the bigger picture.

Political campaign consulting

We have an extensive track record of devising and implementing politically led campaigns, designed to create real change. We build our campaigns around impactful core targets and work from the ground up, all the way from engaging local councillors and authorities to finding and developing parliamentary and high-profile social advocates. While doing so our public affairs team works in tandem with our media relations specialists to create a virtuous circle of political advocacy, media exposure and policy outcomes.

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