Jacob Allen

Senior Account Executive

What brought you to JBP?

Before joining JBP in 2022, I worked for the Labour Party, organising for elections in Surrey and South West London. Between 2019 and 2022 I organised for elections to every type of authority from Parish Councils to the European Parliament. Following the 2022 local elections, I wanted to expand my skillset and develop a broader range of experiences outside of party politics.

Having stood in local elections before, I came in to the role already experienced in aspects of stakeholder engagement and the planning system.

Tell us about your role

As a member of the London stakeholder engagement team, I carry out a range of tasks for our clients. This ranges from researching for stakeholder briefings, organising events and public exhibitions, and keeping stakeholders like MPs, Councillors, and special interest groups updates on our client’s projects.

What is your skillset?

Organisation / stakeholder engagement / political and electoral intelligence / research

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy exploring new places, especially rural villages which surround me at home in Sussex. Every Sunday I compete at the local pub quiz with my friends, occasionally winning. I am a Labour Councillor in Brighton and Hove, sitting on the Planning Committee and the Children, Family and Schools Committee.