James Martin

Director of Public Affairs

What brought you to JBP?

I came to JBP after many years working with Ministers, Parliamentarians and civil servants, on topics as wide as reforming how the courts review the legality of Government actions and planning decisions; Artificial Intelligence, data and ethics and cyber security; and the post-Brexit trading arrangements. Most recently I was Director of Policy at one of the major Business Representative Organsiations, where I looked after their policy, research and economics functions and spend a huge amount of time on business support during Covid and reopening plans, levelling up, skills, infrastructure needs and the labour market.

JBP appealed because of the incredible quality of the people and the rigorous focus on really understanding what the client needs, providing the best possible advice and getting the right results. It still does, and I love working with such hugely creative and talented, but friendly and down-to-earth, people.

Tell us about your role

As Director of Public Affairs I work with incredibly talented teams to help clients across many sectors understand the political and policy context and how it translates into risks and opportunities for them, help them structure and make their arguments to the right people, and deliver results that help them do their day jobs.

No two days are the same, and it can be very fast-moving, which means that there’s a huge amount of opportunity to make a really positive difference.

What is your skillset?

Political advocacy and advisory, policy development and Parliamentary work.

What do you do in your spare time?

I have two young children, so I spend a lot of time playing with them, trying but failing to keep up as they run around and reading (mainly Peppa Pig).

Beyond that, I love swimming, although my stroke could do with a lot of work, and am very partial to cheese. Possibly a bit too partial…