Julie Williams

Operations Director

What brought you to JBP?

I joined JBP back in 1998 as I was keen to experience the buzz of agency life, along with the professionalism and creativity that JBP had to offer.  The culture and core values within the business has given me many development opportunities to allow my career to progress from a junior position to Operations Director.

Tell us about your role

I’m responsible for the operations and administration functions of the business to ensure that JBP runs smoothly and efficiently. My key areas include finance management, Human Resources, IT, Facilities Management, Health and Safety and GDPR.

How does Julie make it brilliant?

The committment, loyalty and knowledge I have for JBP ensures that the operational side of the business is as smooth running as possible.

What do you do in your spare time?

As a mum of two young football crazy daughters, I am kept very busy looking after them, but when I do get time to myself, I like to run and this year I achieved my biggest goal yet by running the London Marathon!