Lucy Mortimer

Account Executive

What brought you to JBP?

I joined JBP in April on an internship and quickly progressed. Prior to joining JBP I studied politics at the University of Bristol before embarking on a master’s in political theory at LSE. My master’s gave me intellectual freedom and allowed me to explore a breath of subjects that had fascinated me. However, whilst studying philosophy I became naturally somewhat disillusioned with theoretical ideas never materialising into pragmatic responses. When looking for a career path I wanted to be able to help cultivate and design approaches that had direct application, one in which I could see the results. I have already been a witness to many wonderful projects being actualised.

Tell us about your role

I generally work on stakeholder engagement though I would say my role is incredibly varied. Some of my duties include media monitoring, stakeholder database building, event management, researching stakeholders, drafting briefs, and providing updates to our clients.

What do you do in your spare time?

Predominately I spend any spare time I have with my family and friends. I’ll often cook, or more accurately burn, meals for us to dine al fresco in the idyllic English weather whilst I attempt to instigate conversation towards my latest hyperfixation, currently property markets. I have a keen interest in travel, which often does not materialise itself outside of google searches. However, In the past I have found myself fortunate enough to visit southeast Asia, America and the middle east. On my travels I’ll often be found grappling with a book on modern philosophy before trading it in for a trashy romance novel found on the airport shelves of a WH Smiths.