Paul House

Commercial Director

What brought you to JBP?

I have been in media for over 34 years and during that time carved out a unique approach for our industry with the creation of a New Business team. This in itself wouldn’t be considered as ground breaking now, however, in 1986 it was and especially as we pitched on behalf of other media owners to clients directly. This to date has yielded over £750m of incremental deals and partnerships with many national and international brands.

What ultimately convinced me to join JBP was the 35 years of entrepreneurial flair and outstanding success that the teams have achieved. More and more clients are looking for this, either via specialisms or the simple fact that they need a lot more help and support that perhaps larger businesses may not apply. The team here at JBP have an exceptional track record and I am not only delighted to join them but to bring my own thoughts to developing our commercial partnerships for both existing and new clients.

Tell us about your role

I have responsibility for the day to day management of the London operation, working closely with the respective key individuals and the wider senior management team.

In addition to this, I am responsible for driving and supporting JBP’s commercial new business success across both existing and new clients. This is while supporting and developing our teams to help create new revenue streams by moving into other sectors as and when required.

What is your skillset?

I am a new business generator that effectively sources, creates, delivers and manages both internal and external change via any relevant media channels.

My knowledge across and the usage of other media/social channels means that the 1 stop shop approach I have taken, not only builds trust and integrity but more importantly, delivers success for the clients I have had the pleasure of working with as well as developing the teams that I work with.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love cycling and running and despite wanting to run one more marathon (I have run 3 so far) my ageing limbs are telling me otherwise, therefore cycling is a lot kinder

As an additional hobby, I am an accredited travel writer. Through this, I have been lucky enough to visit some amazing places and meet fascinating people. This ties in nicely with my love of food and wine therefore, I guess, the eating, drinking and general socialising does really cancel out any positive elements from the healthier part of my life.

The way I look at it is if I didn’t exercise I could eat, drink and socialise more – perhaps my view is less practical but much more fun and ultimately that’s what I do in my spare time – have fun and enjoy life and where at all possible involve my family and my two lovely granddaughters.