Why our Just Brilliant People are at the heart of our success in the PR industry

It was great to see the recent league table of PR companies in the South West, which highlights the strength in depth of the industry across the region. Such strength is key as our sector has a crucial role to play in establishing the region as one of the best places in the country for creativity, supporting the regional economy through attracting talent, inward investment and new business as clients can draw on a huge pool of highly skilled and expert consultants.

Whilst it was great to be part of this cohort of top PR companies in the region, and well done to the SW Business Insider for producing the Best of the West table, I’m sure that my counterparts at the other PR companies across the region will agree there’s a lot more to the success of our individual businesses than just the headline turnover figures. 

Underpinning our commercial success at JBP has not just been the usual business-related factors, including the likes of the depth and breadth of expertise and experience within the business, a well-oiled operation, our high-value networks and the high level of creativity within our company. Of course, all these help us compete and win business. However, at the heart of our success has been our focus on living our culture and supporting values and behaviours which demonstrate what we stand for as an organisation and which shape the way we do business.

South West Business Insiders’ Top PR Companies

Two years ago we undertook a fundamental review of our business, creating our vision today which is to make a difference in a disrupted and connected world. This is based on a realisation that the world is changing fast as is the communications landscape. Therefore we saw it as the key that our vision and culture were one and to ensure the business was well-positioned for, and seen as progressive in, the modern world in which we live and work, particularly as Generation Zs and Millennials are a large proportion of our workforce. 

That’s why when you deal with anyone at JBP, you will find a genuineness that runs through the veins of the business and has our staff and customers’ interests front and centre. Whether you work for us or we work for you, we will be honest with you, we’ll challenge you and we’ll hold up our hands when we don’t get things right and put a plan in place to ensure we live up to our promises

We also recognise that the new world is fast-paced where individuals and organisations need to be constantly progressing to differentiate themselves. We’re committed to moving our team up the career ladder and presenting them with new opportunities to build on their skill base and become rounded and versatile communications professionals so they can take advantage of different pathways. For our clients, we encourage them to challenge convention and embrace innovative and disruptive approaches to the way they engage and communicate with their stakeholders so that the communications function becomes a market differentiator.

Last but not least we understand that the new world rightly demands more from employers in terms of how we treat, recognise and care for our teams in order to gain respect internally and externally.  It’s in this area where we have made the most progress but also have the most work to do. Proud moments during the year have included training up our first mental health alders, celebrating international women’s day and providing time for all our team to get involved in supporting their communities during working hours. But whilst we have a good gender balance, we know we have more to do when it comes to being more inclusive and we have to ensure we open up our industry to more people.

Our culture, whilst work in constant progress, is why we have Just Brilliant People. It’s also why we’ve had one of our best years for new business despite the challenges of the last 12 months, welcoming the likes of E.ON, Marubeni, Master Locksmiths Association, Kebab Alliance, 1Account, BMS, Middletons and Trimite to the JBP family. It’s also why we have 20 plus year relationships with National Grid and Palletways

So here’s to the PR industry in the South West and a sector that is making great strides in helping its employees and clients thrive in an ever-changing world.

Chris Lawrance Managing Director

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