Giving a credible voice to the leisure industry

Strategic positioning

Position Circadian Trust as a key provider of leisure services that continually invests in the local community and to establish the social enterprise as a credible voice of authority on leisure services.

Areas of support

  • Ongoing media relations and reputation management around issues arising
  • Developed a media and political engagement strategy to help support the Trust’s five-year vision to establish itself as a competitive, leading provider of lifestyle and fitness in the region and further afield
  • Positioning the Trust as a leading example of how public leisure services can be run efficiently with a view to drive further revenue and save the local authority money. Throughout, JBP has maintained a close working relationship with the commsteam at South Gloucestershire Council
  • Profiling the Trust’s Chief Executive Mark Crutchley


  • Significant media exposure in the local and leisure media particularly around the Trust’s business/funding model
  • Established key parliamentary connections as part of a strategy to establish a higher profile amongst key national stakeholders
  • The Trust has been cited by the Department of Health as a national example for improving public health

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