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Maximising the business value of PR in the logistics sector

Whether you’re a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, 4PL, freight network, multimodal business, warehouse business, or technology specialist, PR done well in the modern digital era can provide a tangible positive impact on your business performance. 

So, is your communications and engagement strategy fit for the future? 

Is it doing more than gaining you media coverage and lots of likes on Linkedin?

We’ve worked for logistics companies of all sizes and across the supply chain for nearly 4 decades. We’ve helped heighten profiles, build brand authority and image, and develop strong and influential relationships and partnerships. We’ve also showcased unique and innovative service offerings, highlighted environmental and social responsibility, supported entry into new markets and helped gained industry recognition through securing industry awards. All of which have positively impacted the logistics businesses we have had the pleasure to support over the years.

If you want specialist logistics PR support that will shift your communications up a gear, we’d love to talk to you about what we do, how we do it and the success that we’ve achieved for other companies in the logistics sector. Check out our experience, work and logistics communications perspectives on this site.

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Discover more about our logistics PR track record and how we go about providing high business value communications and engagement services across the complete supply chain.

Driving up the business value of communications in the logistics sector

The B2B communications landscape is rapidly changing, which has implications for all businesses and their PR teams – and the logistics sector is no exception.

However, the new modern era of digital PR presents tangible business opportunities for logistics providers. In a new paper entitled Driving up the business value of communications in the logistics sector, Chris Lawrance, Managing Director at JBP, who has advised and led on award winning PR programmes for some of the biggest names in the logistics industry, urges companies to take stock of their communications strategies so they don’t get left behind. He prioritises 6 key actions that logistics PR teams should be taking in 2024 so that their stakeholder communications and engagement programmes  reap maximum business dividends.

This focuses on the concept of ‘business capital’ generation from communications and engagement programmes; the different forms this takes; the PR activities that will create the ‘business capital’; and how the latter can be effectively measured to show the high ROI that can be achieved from a discipline that has traditionally been seen as business-critical, but to a large extent intangible.

Doing digital well is an art and requires content that captivates audiences in order to cut through all the noise on social media channels. We’re seeing the rise of corporate newsrooms with the deployment of more former journalists in digital content teams who have a great instinct for a good story that will engage audiences. Done well, digital allows brands, companies and employees to build strong rapport with audiences, from sharing the value of their expertise and experience, to fostering a sense of shared values through storytelling which brings to life their human side and values.


This section also highlights why Linkedin will come into its own in 2024 and that companies can ill afford not to invest in it.

To get the most out of the digital media relations landscape it’s vital that the communications department understands the interrelationship between public relations and search strategies and ensure they are joined at the hip. Get it spot on and it will help your business enhance its market authority, provide vital insights to shape your B2B communications, enhance your rankings on the search engine results page and drive organic traffic to your website.

B2B influencer programmes in the digital environment will help logistics companies warm up business opportunities for sales teams, open up strategic partnerships and expand business networks. This section provides guidance and tips on how best to identify and prioritise influencers, as well as effective engagement strategies to maximise the business value they bring to your organisation.

Tomorrow’s business winners will be those that embrace humanity and responsibility, and this paper explores how logistics businesses can harness the power of digital PR to convey their personality, values and sense of purpose to their target audiences.

AI is the new kid on the block and its implications for the logistics sector is much talked about and the impact on the PR function is no exception.


As this section will highlight, the use of AI in PR will present opportunities to make PR activity more informed, effective and productive, leading to enhanced business outcomes. It will also highlight some tools that you may not be aware of which can take AI in PR to a new level.

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Gavin McGuckin

Head of Marketing, Palletways UK

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