What is meant by 3PL when it comes to logistics?

The logistics industry is full of different solutions depending on the needs of its users. From simply transporting goods from one city to another, to shipping raw materials across continents, the industry has established an incredible network of suppliers to help fulfil the needs of its customers.

This also means there’s a huge list of terms exclusively used to describe the solutions on offer, one of which is 3PL, or Third-party logistics.

Simply put, 3PL is when a company outsources elements of its solution to a third party to complete. With the right partners, 3PL providers can not only offer an end-to-end solution, including warehousing and fulfilment services but scale these services in line with business growth. It’s all part of the supply chain management process that businesses need to consider when making product.

By enlisting a 3PL provider, a business can reduce the headache of how to deliver its products to its customers. This frees up time to focus on core activities and often saves time and money in the process.

By outsourcing elements of the logistics solution to a network of businesses, a 3PL provider can build flexibility into how it operates, helping their customers test new markets in new areas, without investing too much in new infrastructure themselves. The customer also benefits from the existing knowledge and experience from the provider, as well as the local businesses.

These solutions also help reduce the risk of shipping delays, leaving the experts to organise alternative methods should an incident happen to your original transport.

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