Mayoral Elections, Sleaze Scandal and India in need

Boris denies sleaze allegations

Leading the week are allegations that the PM said: “let bodies pile high in their thousands” in reference to avoiding a third national lockdown. He and his allies are denying the allegations. The trouble is, not many people believe the Prime Minister, after all, he does have a checkered history of saying the wrong thing.

As if the PM’s week couldn’t get any worse, he is also under pressure over how he paid for recent renovations to the Downing Street flat. If the money came from a Tory benefactor, then there are some serious questions to be answered about how MP’s are vulnerable to external fiscal persuasion. Robert Peston now understands that CCHQ are paying the Cabinet Office, with the PM reimbursing CCHQ.

It is believed by many that former aide Dominic Cummings is behind the leaks and is emptying the Downing Street skeletons from the closet. To recap, serious questions surrounding conflicts of interest remain. We now have the Greensill lobbying scandal, Boris’s comments and the money behind the renovations to contend with. Internal reviews inbound.

India In Need

The Covid-19 situation in India is extremely grave. Almost 3000 people are dying a day, there are 350,000 new cases each day and a severe lack of medical oxygen. The Indian hospital system has collapsed and there are reports of people dying outside hospitals. Medical aid has been sent from the UK and other European countries that are able to help. This aid includes ventilators and other essential medical equipment.

If left unchecked, this exponential growth rate could lead to further mutations to the disease which could risk making some vaccines redundant. The world’s scientific community is keeping a close eye on the situation and are the world’s humanitarians.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

In what can only be seen as a clear provocation, Iranian authorities have sentenced Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe to another year in prison. Her husband, and many others, believe this is a negotiating tactic designed to create some leverage. Iran is currently in the middle of discussions regarding the country’s nuclear activities.

Iranian authorities believe Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is guilty of espionage and propaganda against Iran. Nazanin and Britain have always denied the claims.

Mercer raises the white flag

Three-time Afghanistan veteran Johnny Mercer was sacked as veterans minister last week over what he claims were broken promises from Number 10 on the Overseas Operations Bill. The Bill, designed to protect veterans from vexatious legal proceedings, did not include provisions for serviceman and women who had served in Northern Ireland. Mercer later told journalists that he was ‘sacked by text’ after offering to resign at the end of the day and called the Government ‘the most distrustful, awful environment that I’ve ever worked in’.

London decides

Londoners head to the polls next week in the delayed 2020 Mayoral election, with incumbent Sadiq Khan almost certain to be re-elected. Neither Khan, or his Conservative opponent, former social worker Shaun Bailey, have run particularly inspiring campaigns. They clashed with Liberal Democrat candidate Luisa Porritt and the Green Party’s Sian Berry in a televised debate on Sunday. However, it does seem to be a forgone conclusion, with Khan’s odds of 1/50 leaving many to assume the result before a ballot has been counted.  

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