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We love working with organisations that are ‘inventors’ and those that are leading from the front in their respective sectors, shaking up out-of-date and stale business models and practices. We love working with those who are setting an example where they put their values and purpose in life at the top of their agendas. And we love working with those who are brave enough to stand up and be heard, to challenge the status quo.

An extensive service

Press & PR

We can increase your brand awareness and credibility in your markets to support your future aspirations by maximising your media profile; positioning you as experts that audiences want to listen to; creating business engagement opportunities; and safeguarding your brand reputation when faced with a crisis situation.

Digital Communications

We maximise clicks on your digital media channels – from websites and social media to other owned online media. We do this by creating visually compelling, interactive and captivating content and through engagement with influencers who have significant credibility and followings in your market place.


We will help you change perceptions and attitudes, educate and inform, raise awareness and influence positive change by developing and coordinating evidence-based, creative,media and marketing campaigns that cut through to the people you wish to get to.

Strategic Communications

We provide insight-led communications advice to ensure best return-on-investment on your budget - from market audience research and communications audits to tracking brand sentiment and consumer opinions on social media.

A new media landscape

Today’s media landscape presents an abundance of PR opportunities – journalists, bloggers, social media influencers, the general public and your own channels all represent today’s media outlets.

The choice is extensive and can be daunting. JBP will help you make sense of the maze of opportunities available in the new Media world and steer a path that gives you the best return on investment campaign.

Our highly expert and experienced team includes former journalists, seasoned PR professionals and digital whizzes.


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A sustainable SodaStream

Promoting more sustainable living through wellness in the influencer community

Is your organisation reputation-resilient ready?

Today businesses face many challenges – a constantly changing world, geopolitical tensions, economic uncertainties, the threat of cybercrime, supply chain disruptions and the effects of climate change, not to mention unforeseen situations that can arise in the workplace.

In addition, we now operate in a changing media landscape, where everyone can publish content and express a view about different business brands.

So is your business reputation resilient?

Never before has it been more business-critical to be reputation resilient with so much change and risk around.

As part of the Worldcom global PR network, JBP offers Salus, a pan-European crisis preparedness and response service that helps companies navigate through different crises and come out even stronger as an organisation and senior executive team on the other side.

Through JBP and our Worldcom partners we can provide an all-year round 24/7 crisis management service anywhere in the UK and Europe. We also plan to offer this service internationally in the not too distant future

Your organisation will benefit from
  • highly expert and on-the-ground crisis management specialists 

  • an extensive track record in dealing with a wide range of crisis situations

  • consistent crisis communications across Europe ensuring your company’s messages during an incident or event that is potentially reputational damaging are the same across all your operating locations whether it occurred in Manchester, Milan, Madrid or Munich.

Our Salus service includes

The Prepare phase: this provides an initial risk assessment, intake of essential information and identification of who to contact in the event of a crisis occurring. It also provides the client access to 24x7x365 on-call availability of our crisis management team.

The Protect phase: this delivers expert protection and crisis management during a live crisis.


Our team includes

Chris Lawrance

Managing Director, JBP

Chris has significant experience of handling crisis communications, covering workplace accidents; company administrations, redundancies and restructures; employee grievances; business fraud; defamation cases; product recalls as well as various challenges faced by specific vertical sectors.

Prior to starting JBP, Chris was a Press Officer at 10 Downing Street and for the Government’s press agency, the Central Office for Information where he was responsible for managing crisis communications for the Heath and Safety Executive, Agricultural Inspectorate and the departments at the time responsible for Transport, Environment and Employment.

Robin O’Kelly

Head of Media, JBP

Robin has over 30 years’ experience in leading communications for major consumer brands such as T-Mobile and leading FTSE100 companies, such as BG Group, now part of Shell plc. Robin has prepared C-suite executives for national broadcast interviews and Select Committee hearings on numerous sensitive issues and is an expert in crisis communications strategy.

Dave Harries

Head of Media Training

Following a career as a producer at the BBC, Dave set up, producing bespoke documentary and interview-based videos for companies and organisations in the public and private sectors. He went onto found Comnmunicate TV to deliver interview-based, professional quality video content.

Lisa Simmons

Crisis Management Consultant

As a crisis communications specialist for a major airline, Lisa coordinated their response to an international incident that occurred suddenly, and ensured the airline’s reputation was maintained, by communicating agreed messages via main and social media channels in a timely manner.

Lisa has also effectively executed and led integrated crisis communications and response plans for a well-known energy company, a number of new-build housing developers and a UK shopping centre portfolio.

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